Bill Booth
Born  Maine, USA
Genres  Country
Styles  Neo-Traditionalist Country, Contemporary Country, Country-rock
Instruments  Vocals, fiddle, guitars
Labels  Wheeling Records


Bill Booth grew up in the State of Maine in the USA. Rock, country and Irish folk music are big influences in this area and can clearly be heard in the guitar and fiddle work as well as song writing of this performer.

Working as a freelance musician based in New York City, Bill moved to Oslo in the early 80’s after making connections while performing in Norway. Since that time he has released two solo albums with the Convertibles and appeared as a studio musician on dozens of releases. Performing primarily in Scandinavia, tours have also included Germany, Austria, Finland and the US. Bill Booth and the Convertible’s critically acclaimed first release was Hard Times on Easy Street in 1992, it was followed by Round the Bend in 1994. Heart in Hand is the newest release and features songs co-written with songwriters in Nashville Austin, and Copenhagen, providing an international touch as well as an influence from other writers. Besides working with the band, Bill has also been appearing in Norway with fellow songwriters Henning Kvitnes, Tore Andersen and Hilde Heltberg in the group Qvartetten. As a studio musician he can also be heard playing on releases by artists as varied as Åge Alexandersen, Steinar Albrigtsen and Tom Pacheco, Tre Små Kinesere and Tamra Rosanes.

The Band:

Geir Otnæs - accordion. Bill and Geir met during Bill’s first trip to Norway while Geir was performing with Bygg Band, a Norwegian act playing Cajun music with Norwegian lyrics. Geir has worked extensively with Geir Lystrup and recorded with among others, Anne Grete Preus, Halvdan Sivertsen and Trond Granlund.

Jørn Ellingsen - drums. Worked with Locomotives and Notodden Blues Band among others.

Finn Tore Tokle -bass. Worked with Somebody's Darlings and Unni Wilhelmsen among others.